60+ Exercise

As you get older it becomes more and more important to exercise.

The saying if you don’t use it, you lose it definitely applies to your body as you get older.

As you age your strength decreases, your stamina decreases, your mobility decreases and your flexibility decreases.

However, if you do regular exercise the aging process occurs much slower meaning you will have a fitter, healthier and happier time in later life. Through doing regular exercise you will be able to continue doing the things you love for longer. You will be able to be active for longer, you will be able to go out for regular walks and you will have more energy to play with your grandchildren.

As you get older exercising becomes more and more important to ensure you live a good quality of life.

Without exercise in later life you are more likely to end up with bad posture and a hunchback, you are more likely to lose mobility and flexibility and even struggle to put your socks on, you are likely to lose strength and struggle to stand up from chairs and open packets and jars, you are likely to suffer from aches and pains and you are more likely to sit around the house feeling depressed and having to rely on others to help you do everyday tasks.

This is no way to spend you hard earned retirement.

Instead of suffering you should spend your retirement doing things you enjoy doing such as going out for nice walks in the countryside and to the beach, gardening, playing bowls and spending time with your grandchildren. A little bit of exercise can massively improve the quality of your life and ensure you are active for longer as well as ensure you don’t have to rely on others for everyday tasks.

Whether you have previous exercise experience and have exercised continuously for years or you are brand new to exercise, it is important to exercise in ways which will help you to maintain a good quality of life and be pain free for longer. The kind of exercise you should be doing is not what the young guns do which is more bodybuilding exercise to look good, you should be focussing more on improving specific movements, mobility and strength related to everyday life as well as work on strengthening up any weak areas in the body to help prevent aches and pains. All exercise is great and slows down the aging process but working with Newcastle Personal Training ensures you work on specific areas of your body and specific movements which will improve your everyday life far greater than general exercise will.

Whether you are 60 or 95 it is never too late to start exercising and working with Newcastle Personal Training to improve the quality of your life.

If you would like to stay fit, healthy and active for longer then please get in touch to see how Newcastle Personal Training can help.

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