9 Ways To Beat Belly Bulge

Beating the belly bulge often seems impossible.

No matter what diet you follow and what exercise you do you never seem to get rid of your bulging belly.

It is the area you most want to lose weight from, yet it is always the last area to go.

Losing your belly can be extremely frustrating, which is why I am giving you 9 ways on how to slim down your midsection in record time.

Before you read on you must make a promise to me and to yourself to use these tips.

These tips work, but you must actually do them. In a months time I don’t want you looking down and still seeing a bulging belly and thinking those tips I read off some trainer called Shaun McGill didn’t work. If you are thinking that, then it is because you didn’t follow them, not because they don’t work.

Now you have promised to follow my 9 ways to beat belly bulge, here they are.

Actually seen as you promised to follow them I am going to throw in an extra bonus tip at the end. This bonus tip is by far the most powerful way in which you can lose fat fast from your midsection.

Tip 1 – Get more sleep

Couple hugging while sleepingGetting enough sleep is very important if you are looking to beat the belly bulge. Studies have shown that people who don’t get the recommended 8 hours of sleep eat more than those who do get the recommended 8 hours sleep. This happens because of the impact on your hormones in particular your hunger hormone ghrelin. The higher your ghrelin levels are the hungrier you become. Sleep works as a reset for your hormones so if you don’t get enough sleep then your hormones will be out of balance. Another hormone which comes out of balance due to lack of sleep is cortisol. I will explain about the effects of cortisol in tip 2.

Tip 2 – Relax

RelaxRelaxation is essential if you want to slim down your midsection. Most people lead extremely stressful lives which has a negative impact on hormones, and in turn your weight. When you encounter any kind of stress, whether it is stress at work, at home, in a traffic jam, with your finances or if someone is threatening you, it sets off the same ‘fight or flight’ response. Thousands of years ago this response was essential to prepare you to either fight off attackers or run from them, however, nowadays we have different kinds of stresses which we don’t need to fight or flight from. Unfortunately even though we don’t need to fight or flight we still get the same hormonal response which prepares us to. Luckily we don’t have to carry out what our hormonal response prepares us for, otherwise every time our boss at work stresses us we would either punch them or turn and sprint away from them as fast as possible. However, because you don’t follow through with the response your hormones have prepared you for, you end up with an imbalance in your hormones. The particular hormone which increases and causes problems due to stress is cortisol.

Cortisol is released in order to break down stored glycogen, particularly from your muscles, in order to give you an instant burst of energy to fight or flight through increasing your blood glucose. If you encounter stress all day long, whatever kind of stress it is, you will end up breaking down muscle and slowing down your metabolism.

Not only will it slow down your metabolism, raised blood glucose will also lead to increased fat storage through its impact on your hormone insulin. High blood sugar triggers the release of insulin, your storing hormone, in order to clear the glucose from your blood. Even though the glucose was broken down from stored glycogen mainly in your muscles, unfortunately insulin now mainly stores it in your fat stores. It gets even worse; because of the raised cortisol it stores it around your midsection. Just behind the abdominal wall you have an organ called the greater omentum. One of its jobs is to soak up cortisol when cortisol is too high. Because you have high levels of cortisol through being stressed all day and because of high insulin levels to deal with the high glucose caused by stress, then this leads to fat storage around your stomach.

Even if you are eating organic foods, drinking lots of water and exercising regularly, if you are stressed, you can still struggle to lose weight and can even gain weight. It is very important to use relaxation techniques for at least an hour per day to help reduce stress and lower your cortisol.

The best ways to relax include deep breathing, visualisation, meditation, walking, yoga, massage, mobility exercise and can even be as simple as reading a book instead of TV. Whether you use one or all of these relaxation methods on a regular basis the important thing is to relax, rest and recover for at least 1 hour per day.

Tip 3 – Stop eating processed foods

set of fast food

Processed foods are full of toxins which are harmful to the body. Your liver’s job is to detox them from your body. If you are ingesting toxins on a regular basis then your liver won’t be able to detox them out of the body as fast as they are coming in. When this happens they need to be stored in the body. Unfortunately for you the toxins are stored in your fat cells and in particular an organ behind your abs called the greater omentum. This is the reason why people have a hard pot belly rather than it being soft and flabby. You may have seen body builders with 6 packs but stomachs that bulge out. This is because they are still ingesting toxic substances which are causing the greater omentum to enlarge. If you are losing weight but struggling to lose the hard bulging belly then you need to clean up your diet and eat organic foods. Unless you follow a diet such as the Regeneration Diet and eat only organic foods then you will be ingesting toxic substances.

Tip 4 – Cut out alcohol

No alcohol iconFor a start alcohol is a toxin. Just like eating toxic foods will lead to your greater omentum enlarging and your pot belly growing, so will drinking alcohol. I bet you have seen plenty of thin alcoholics yet they have big solid pot bellies. It isn’t because of food, as most alcoholics don’t eat much; it is because of the effects of the toxins from the alcohol on the greater omentum.

This isn’t the only negative of alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the body which again slows down fat loss, it contains a massive amount of calories and whilst alcohol is in your system you will struggle to burn fat as your liver has to detox alcohol rather than fat.

If you want to get rid of the bulging belly then you need to cut out alcohol completely. I’m not saying never drink again, but cut it out completely until you have the midsection you want. Once you have a nice slender midsection then if you want to have the odd drink you can, but whilst you are drinking alcohol you will struggle to lose weight from your stomach and finally get rid of your pot belly.

Tip 5 – Drink more water

Drinking water

Water is essential in the battle to beat the belly bulge. For a start 75% of your body is made up of water. That fact alone should make you realise you need to keep your water topped up. If you are not drinking enough water it will greatly affect your body.

One of the ways water affects your body is because all the chemical reactions in your body involve water. Without sufficient water these chemical reactions either won’t occur or they won’t be carried out as they should, which will mean your body won’t work as effectively. This will affect your body as a whole, but it will slow down fat loss through ways such as slowing your metabolism.

Water is also used to clear toxins from your body and it helps fats pass through your system before they can be stored. If you are dehydrated or not drinking enough water on a regular basis toxins will build up in your body affecting your ability to burn fat, but also fats will more likely be stored in your body.

If you still aren’t convinced you need to drink more water, water also helps prevent you from overeating. Most people actually mistake their bodies sign for more water as a sign of hunger. The signs for each can occur simultaneously and because you eat when this happens, you end up mistaken the bodies sign for water for a sign of hunger. Because of this you end up eating when you’re actually thirsty. However, as the food doesn’t satisfy the need for water you end up getting another sign again for water shortly after, but again you mistake it for a sign of hunger and eat more food. This eating when you’re actually thirsty leads to weight gain very quickly.

Most people who overeat and struggle to control their hunger are in fact chronically dehydrated and no matter how much they try to fight off hunger or how much they eat, the feeling doesn’t go away. However, when they start drinking more water their hunger and overeating gradually disappears.

In order to keep your body hydrated you should drink 1 litre for every 25kg of bodyweight. This is the minimum you should be looking to drink each day. If you exercise then you want to drink a minimum of 1 litre for every hour of exercise you do.

Tip 6 – Limit your carb intake

A hand caught in a mousetrap. Dieting concept.You will probably have heard people say that carbs make you fat, not fat. This is kind of true as excess carbs can lead to weight gain, but you still need carbs in your diet so don’t cut them out completely. The reason why you should limit carbs when looking to beat the belly bulge is because of the effect they have on your hormones. Just in case you didn’t know, your hormones control how your body behaves to outside influences such as food and exercise. When you eat carbs, this stimulates the release of your storing hormone insulin. A small increase in insulin is ok as you need insulin to help you build muscle, but a large increase in insulin leads to fat storage. What’s even worse is that insulin tells your body to store fat particularly around the stomach and love handle area. If you are looking to beat the belly bulge then this is the last thing you want. Even if you are eating a clean diet and exercising correctly, too much carbs can still prevent your from losing stomach fat. The amount of carbs you should eat varies from person to person and without specific analysis it’s hard to tell how much you personally need. If you are struggling to lose weight from your midsection then decrease your carb intake gradually until you start to see your stomach fat disappearing. You do need some carbs in your diet so be careful not to cut them out completely.

Tip 7 – Improve your posture

Couple showing their perfect bodiesThere are plenty of reasons why improving your posture will help you beat the belly bulge. Improved posture will help you speed up your metabolism through increased muscle tone, it will help you burn more calories through more effective workouts and it will help improve your organ function and in particular your digestive system. Although improving your posture has many benefits, which I could write a small book on by itself, today I am just going to explain the simplest way improving your posture will help you slim down your waistline.

To see how effective improving your posture is, find a mirror and stand sideways on. Now squeeze your pelvic floor and pull your stomach in towards your spine using your TVA (transverse abdominis). You will see that you instantly look slimmer. Although you can’t walk around all day long pulling your stomach in, you can strengthen your TVA which will pull in your stomach automatically. There are many ways to strengthen your TVA in order to slim down your stomach, but the easiest way is to do this standing against a wall. Make sure your heels, bum, shoulders and head are all against the wall. Begin by engaging your pelvic floor and then by using your TVA pull your stomach in and try push your lower back into the wall. You want to push your lower back against the wall using your TVA rather than by using your back muscles. Hold this for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times. Do this everyday for a month and you can lose 1-3 inch from your waist.

Tip 8 – Take hot and cold showers

ShowerLosing weight with hot and cold showers is possible according to a 2008 study. The study found that brown fat tissue can increase fat burning in response to cold temperatures. Although humans having brown fat has been confirmed, the science of enacting it is still theoretical. Scientists do not know how much weight you can lose with this technique, but it may accelerate your metabolism more than diet and exercise alone.

I have tried hot and cold showers myself in conjunction with diet and exercise with success, but I will hold my hands up and say I haven’t tried this method alone so I can’t say for certain whether it works. But science says it does work and as it only takes 2-3 minutes at the end of each shower then it’s certainly worth giving it a go. The very least that will happen is that it will help speed up your circulation through alternating periods of hot and cold and it will leave you feeling invigorated and revitilised.

At the end of each shower alternate between periods of 20 seconds cold water and then 20 seconds hot water for 2-3 minutes. You can do it for longer if you wish.

If you have any stubborn areas of fat that you are struggling to lose weight from then you can give these areas more attention.

Tip 9 – Use ashwagandha and rhodiola as a supplement


When you usually hear about supplements for fat loss you will usually hear about fat burning pills. These fat burning pills are a complete waste of time. They don’t work and if they did they would be sold as a drug rather than a supplement.

Ashwagandha and rhodiola are not fat burning supplements as such. However, there affects on the hormone cortisol can help you burn fat from your midsection. I mentioned earlier that high levels of cortisol due to stress can lead to weight gain in the stomach area, well ashwagandha and rhodiola can be used to lower your cortisol levels. These two supplements are adaptogens which mean they increase the ability of the body to adapt to external factors such as stress. Because they help you to cope with stress and lower cortisol they can indirectly help you burn fat from your midsection.

Taking these supplements alone will not work miracles, however, if you take them along with following the rest of the tips, it may just be the missing ingredient to finally help you get rid of your bulging belly.

Bonus tip – Use the above 9 tips together synergistically

Using just 1 of the tips will make little difference, using 4 or 5 of them will make a difference, however, using all 9 at the same time is an extremely powerful way to lose fat from your midsection and to finally beat the belly bulge. You will probably have heard all these tips before and used them individually without success, however, it is the combination of these tips together which makes them so powerful.

So there you have it. 9 ways in which you can beat the belly bulge.

These are probably not the 9 ways you were expecting to read about, however, these are far more powerful than any exercise programme. No matter how good your exercise programme is, if you don’t sort out your other lifestyle issues the programme will produce very little results.

If you stick to all of these tips for a minimum of 30 days, I promise you will finally lose weight from your midsection.

Remember you actually have to do them for them to work.


Get fit, get healthy, get happy.

Your Coach For Life

Shaun McGill