Are You Following The Correct Map Of Fat Loss?

Are You Following The Correct Map Of Fat Loss?

Most people who come seeking my help are looking to lose weight fast.

They look to my expertise to guide them through the process of fast weight loss as they have struggled to lose weight in the past. They have often tried pretty much every diet out there, tried every exercise programme and often have even worked with other personal trainers, yet they are still overweight. When I take on a new client they are usually at the point of giving up on losing weight as they have tried everything with little to no success and they begin to think that nothing will ever work for them.

Who would blame them when they give 100% effort to the programme they are following and are seeing little results?

I’m sure you may at some point have felt this way yourself, or at least know someone who has done everything asked of them, yet struggled to lose weight and sometimes even gained weight following a specific diet or intense exercise programme.

The question you have to ask is…

…If these people gave 100% effort and followed the plan exactly, then how haven’t they lost weight?

The answer to this question is obvious. They are lying as they didn’t follow the plan and give it their all…

…Or is it?

I’m sure you have followed some advice in the past and you didn’t achieve the desired outcome. Maybe you read a book on how to increase your income by getting a promotion at work, maybe you followed some advice on how to become more successful at dating or maybe you have followed a diet or exercise programme which hasn’t worked for you. Because this has happened to you and you know you followed the advice exactly and put in 100% effort, yet you didn’t achieve the desired outcome, then you will know that the reason it didn’t work wasn’t because you didn’t follow the advice or put in the effort.

fail at weight loss programme

So there must be another reason why it didn’t work…

…And there is.

The way to look at this in terms of weight loss is that weight loss is the desired destination and what you need to do to get there is the map.

Now imagine going to London for the first time and trying to find a specific destination but being giving a map of Liverpool. Even if you follow the map exactly you will never get to where you want to go. Even if you were extremely motivated and walked around London all day and night the chances are you would never reach your destination. Some people may be lucky and find their destination, but most people will get frustrated and give up. Some of those people will decide to go get a new map when they realise it’s the wrong map. But imagine again picking up the wrong map and this time it’s a map of Manchester. Again you follow the map exactly but you don’t end up at your destination in London. A few lucky people may reach their destination, but most will give up. This cycle keeps happening again and again and each time people don’t reach their destination more and more people give up rather than trying to find a new map.

This is the exact same with weight loss. People decide they need to lose weight so they look for the newest diet or fitness programme which tells them to eat less or exercise more. They follow the advice exactly but for most people it doesn’t lead to the results they were expecting so they give up. A few people do lose weight but the majority of those people put it straight back on.

A few months later some of those people who gave up get renewed motivation so they look for the latest diet or exercise programme, which again tells them to eat less and exercise more. Again they follow it exactly, but most people still don’t see results so give up. A few people lose weight, but again the majority of those who do, put it straight back on.

This cycle keeps happening until they either hit lucky and lose weight or more often than not the person gives up entirely and thinks they will never lose weight.

The reason this keeps happening isn’t because you’re eating too many calories or aren’t working hard enough, it is because you are following the wrong advice, you are following the wrong map of fat loss.

Instead of following the correct map of fat loss which is a principle based approach to exercise, nutrition and mind-set which is guaranteed to work, you are following a method based approach which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

Most advice out there is based on methods and tells you to eat less or exercise more. Most diets tell you to eat fewer calories by counting calories or counting points and most exercise programmes have you pretty much destroy your body with intense exercise using different pieces of equipment in order to lose weight.

If this really worked then surely you would have lost weight by now and so would everyone else who has tried eating less and exercising more.

Yes doing this has worked for some. You will probably know people who have calorie counted and lost weight or killed themselves in the gym with intense workouts and lost weight, but I bet most of these people have put it back on and I bet you know more people who have tried this and it hasn’t worked at all.

Because it hasn’t worked for you and other people then why do people keep following the same method based advice?

To answer this question you have to look at where most of this advice comes from. Most people get their health and fitness advice from magazines, newspapers and the internet. Now if the advice they told you really worked then you would never read their magazines or visit their websites again as you would have achieved your goals. They want you to fail so you will come back and buy more advice from them or buy another one of their programmes. Magazines, newspapers and websites are simply there to make money and the best way to do that is to make sure you keep buying from them. If what they told you really worked then they would go out of business as there would be no need to look for more advice or another programme to follow.

What magazines, newspapers and websites do is give you similar method based advice but packaged in a different way. One week they will tell you a high carb diet works, the next a high protein diet, then one week they will tell you kettlebells are the best for fat loss and the next they will tell you cardio is the best for fat loss. Basically it’s just different variations of eat less and exercise more using different methods to keep you reading their advice or buying new programmes. Have you ever wondered if there advice really worked then why does it change so often and why does what they tell you one week conflict with the advice they tell you the next?

The same goes with diet programmes like slimming world and weight watchers. They are always changing their points system so how can it really work if they keep changing their programme to try and improve it?

If you are reading this then I’m sure you will have followed this type of method based diet or exercise advice in the past which hasn’t worked and you are now in the part of the cycle of renewed motivation to lose weight and are looking for a new programme to follow to get you in shape fast.

You are in the process of looking for a new map (exercise and diet programme) to help you reach your destination (weight loss).

Right Or Wrong Decision Signpost Showing Confusion Outcome And Counceling

Now before you choose a new programme to follow you must make sure it’s the right one. Just like following the wrong map will mean you will never reach your destination, no matter how much effort you put into your exercise or diet programme you will never lose weight if you are following the wrong advice.

This time around you must find the principle based programme which is guaranteed to help you see results.

I’m sure I will have made you very wary about the advice you read and you will probably now be thinking who can I trust and which programmes are principle based.

Well the easy way to find a principle based programme is by seeing if it follows the following statement.

‘Methods there are many, principles but few, methods are always changing, principles never do’

So if a diet or exercise programme keeps changing then it’s not principle based and it isn’t guaranteed to work.

If you read information from a source which keeps changing their advice then the chances are this is not a trustworthy source either.

By this I don’t mean don’t trust those who give you information on different topics or on different aspects of diet and exercise, I mean don’t trust those who one minute say that cardio is the best for fat loss and the next say that weight training is the best. Rather than trust everything you read because it is in a magazine or newspaper or because you read it on the internet, you should start to question whether it is principle based or method based and do some proper research into it yourself. Not researching the advice or programme to make sure it’s based on principles is like closing your eyes to choose a map rather than checking the map is for the right city. You wouldn’t choose a map of a city like that, so don’t choose your map of fat loss like that either.

The reason for this post is not to tell you who to trust for advice and which programmes to follow, it is to open your eyes so when you choose your next programme it is based on principles which will help you reach your goal. I want you to stop picking up the wrong maps and getting frustrated that you will never reach your destination because if you choose the correct map, and as long as you follow it exactly, you will get to where you want to go.

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years who were all frustrated just like you and thought they would never lose weight, yet once they were giving the correct map of fat loss they couldn’t believe how simple it was. Weight loss is not rocket science and it’s definitely not hard work as long as you are following the correct advice.


Get fit, get healthy, get happy.

Your Coach For Life

Shaun McGill