Boxing And Kickboxing

Boxing and kickboxing are excellent ways to get fit, build confidence, relieve stress and have fun. Not only will this cardiovascular workout help you lose weight, your coordination will improve and so will the tone of your body. The moves in both kickboxing and boxing are highly repetitive, which equals tone not bulk.

Boxing and kickboxing increases your strength and endurance as your training gradually increases. You will learn to use a variety of moves that strengthen your upper and lower body. Moves like jabs, hooks, and upper cuts are great for the upper body and moves such as front kicks, side kicks and round house kicks work the lower body and core. By gradually increasing your training levels you will increase your flexibility, endurance and power as well as sharpen your reflexes.

Boxing and kickboxing are great cardiovascular workouts which allow you to burn up to 750 calories per hour, even when no other method of training is used.

An extra benefit is how great and empowered you feel after a boxing or kickboxing work out. Boxing and kickboxing are great stress relievers, letting you rid yourself of any negative emotions with punches and kicks and without hurting anyone in the process. Boxing and kickboxing also encourage the development of focus, determination and confidence. The psychological well-being that comes with boxing and kickboxing is invaluable, because you are not only working out to have a healthier body but inner peace as well.

If you are looking to lose weight, tone up and improve your fitness through boxing and kickboxing or you are wanting to improve your technique for competition then get in touch to discuss how Newcastle Personal Training can help you.

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£30 per session

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