Core Momentum Trainer

Newcastle Personal Training is the ONLY place in the North East you will find the amazing Core Momentum Trainer.

The Core Momentum Trainer is a brand new piece of training equipment which is great for training your core and improving how your body moves. It is truly unique as there is no other training equipment like it.

The Core Momentum Trainer is quite simply the king of core workouts and training movement.

The Core Momentum Training or CMT as it is also known is based around the central Power Core that contains lubricated steel shots. At the end of each movement with the CMT, this material collides against the Power Core walls with considerable force. The force is transferred to the user’s core via their arms and working hard to precisely control the force is what guarantees an effective workout.

But best of all the sound of the collision provides an accurate indication of how well the exercise is being performed. When you are working effectively with the CMT the material hits the Power Core sweet spot and you hear a sharp, sudden sound. A longer, less focused sound is an indication that you are losing focus or are becoming fatigued, so it’s time to either up the effort or move on to another exercise.

Because of the unique way the CMT is designed you are able to train your core at high intensities in all the different planes of motion, which you are unable to do with any other piece of training equipment. But not only is the CMT the best piece of training equipment for training your core, it is unrivalled when it comes to improving movement due to the noise feedback it gives.

Whether you want to improve your sporting performance and how your body moves or you just want a super effective core workout the Core Momentum Trainer is the training equipment for you.

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£30 per session

£270 for a block of 10 sessions