Corrective Exercise

If you suffer with pain or have any kind of movement or postural dysfunction in the body then corrective exercise, improving your posture, improving your movement patterns and improving your biomechanics can help.

Pain, bad posture, dysfunctional movement patterns and poor biomechanics can all be caused by a variety of problems.

Most people go and see a physio or a doctor who treat at the effect end. The patient has a sore back so the physio or doctor treats the back with physiotherapy back exercise or medication. Often this isn’t effective because they are treating the effect rather than the cause.

Unfortunately the body doesn’t come with a manual which says if you have this problem it is caused by this reason. The same problem can be caused by lots of different reasons. For example a sore back can be caused by weak abs muscles, tight hip muscles, weak glutes, glutes not firing in the correct sequence, tight hamstrings, faulty movement patterns, dysfunctional kidneys, stress, poor nutrition, alcohol plus many other reasons.

Instead of treating your individual problems at the effect end you have to treat your body as a whole and correct all the imbalances in your body.

Through improving muscle imbalances, joint stability, joint mobility, muscle firing sequences, biomechanics, movement patterns and posture you are likely to get rid of any pain and dysfunction in the body.

In order to create individualised corrective exercise programmes Newcastle Personal Training use a variety of assessments including the Kinetic Chain Assessment, Functional Movement Assessment, video analysis of movements and posture assessment to determine the imbalances which need to be corrected. Once the imbalances found in the assessments are corrected through a carefully designed exercise programme then more often than not people become free of pain and dysfunction.

In just a couple of sessions clients have be known to get rid of aches and pains they have had for years and have regularly been treated for off doctors, physios, chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists and many other health professionals.

Corrective exercise with Newcastle Personal Training is not a miracle cure and there is no 100% guarantee it will help you as pain is a very complicated issue, however, more often than not treating the whole body as one and treating at the effect end is effective at getting rid of aches, pain and dysfunction.

If you are sick and tired of being in pain, having poor posture or you know your body doesn’t move as well it should then get in touch to discuss how Newcastle Personal Training can help you.

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£30 per session

£270 for a block of 10 sessions