Fashion And Fitness Models

If you are a fashion model looking to get in the best shape of your life for a photo shoot or catwalk show or you are a fitness model looking to get stage ready for a competition then you will need to follow a bespoke exercise, nutrition and life coaching programme designed for your individual needs.

When preparing fashion models for photo-shoots and fitness models for competitions no stone is left unturned to ensure the very best preparation for the big event.

Everything from the type exercise you do and the amount of exercise and the times you train is all carefully planned and periodised for your individual goals and body’s needs, as is your nutrition in terms of exactly what you eat and when you eat for best results for your individual body. Even your stress levels, relaxation, sleep and supplements are all taking into consideration to ensure you see maximum results.

If you want the very best individualised training programme, nutrition plan, supplements and lifestyle recommendations to ensure you look your very best for the big event, then get in touch to arrange a FREE consultation.

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