Injury Rehabilitation, Medical Conditions And GP Referral

When rehabilitating from an injury or you have been referred by your GP to exercise because of a medical condition, it is very important to seek help from a qualified professional to ensure you exercise correctly because doing the wrong exercise can make your injury or condition worse.

Seeking the help of a qualified professional can speed up your recovery from injury to get you back performing activities and taking part in sport faster and it can help you improve and manage your medical condition.

After an injury and completing the initial basic physiotherapy exercises, you are left on your own to get back to taking part in activities and sport.

Physiotherapists give you exercises to get you walking and doing everyday tasks again but you get very little help on how to get back to optimal performance for your sport or activity. Working with Newcastle Personal Training after an injury ensures you get the best support, care and training advice to get you back playing sport or performing your activities at an even higher level than before your injury.

Most people see an injury as just a negative and use it as an excuse to do nothing, but the way Newcastle Personal Training look at it is an injury gives you the chance to work on any weak areas you wouldn’t usually work on. You can strengthen weak muscles in the body you wouldn’t usually train, you can improve your biomechanics in specific movements and exercises, you can improve your flexibility and mobility which you might not usually work on and you can improve your overall strength and endurance. If you follow a well-planned training programme for your individual needs whilst taking into consideration your injury you can make massive improvements during the rehabilitation phase so when you get back to your sport or activity you are able to perform at the same level and in most cases even better because of improving your weak areas.

Just like working with a professional can speed up injury rehabilitation, working with a professional can help you improve and manage your medical condition. Some conditions you can make massive improvements in the condition with exercise whereas other conditions exercise helps you manage the condition better and helps prevent the condition getting worse. Whatever medical condition you have Newcastle Personal Training will design a bespoke exercise and lifestyle programme to ensure your improve your condition or at the very least help you to manage your condition.

Newcastle Personal Training have worked with, and helped clients with a wide range of conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylitis, sciatica, slipped discs, heart failure, multiple sclerosis, depression, stroke, Alzheimer’s, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, COPD, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, IBS, PCOS plus more which has giving experience in working with lots of different conditions.

Whether you are rehabilitating from an injury and looking to get back playing sport or taking part in activity again, or you have a medical condition you would like to improve or manage, Newcastle Personal Training has the experience and expertise to help. Please get in touch to see how we can help with your injury rehabilitation or your medical condition.

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£30 per session

£270 for a block of 10 sessions