Intelligent Training & Nutrition to Get Results

When it comes to training and diet, guess work often doesn’t create results and progress. What does deliver is an intelligent approach to training and nutrition.

There’s a reason why the top athletes and body builders are in the shape they are today, and it’s not down to making up training plans and guessing what’s best to fuel their bodies as they go, it’s due to carefully planned and executed training regimes and diet plans.

There should be no guess work involved in your plans and regimes, if you want to see the results you desire. Read on to find out why you should train smart and eat smart, to see the progress you’re after…


When you’re putting a lot of time and effort into your training, you want to know it’s doing you good, and most importantly, that you’re doing exactly what you need to do to work towards your goals.

A mistake many of us make, is training endlessly, with no real plan in place to ensure we see progress. You see it all too often, rows of people pounding away on the treadmill, night after night at the same pace and for the same duration. Whilst any exercise is better than none, this repetitive training isn’t going to deliver results.

In order to progress, an intelligent training plan is essential, using the right types of exercise to deliver the results you’re looking for, and ensuring the body is pushing a little harder each and every week. For example, if you were looking to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass, a training plan that involves weight training which increases weights week on week would be appropriate, as well as a few high intensity interval training sessions to help shift fat.

It’s key to your success to follow an intelligent training plan, but also, without a carefully created nutrition plan, you won’t see the results you expect from your training.


Training and intelligent nutrition go hand in hand, in fact it’s more important to ensure your diet is on point when it comes to seeing results in terms of fat loss or gaining muscle mass.

Through the right nutrition, you can fuel your body with exactly what it needs to enable it to be healthy, strong and lean. Nutrition is paramount to weight loss and making the changes to your physique that you desire. A precise nutrition plan is essential to your results, and should focus on the quality of the food you eat as well as calories and macronutrients; carbs, fats and protein, tailored specifically to achieve the results you want, whilst taking into account your current physical state.

Nutrition should also be used in accordance to exercise, with training plans and diet plans complimenting one another. Nutrition should be different on training days, with complex carbs and protein used for energy and muscle recovery, whilst on non-training days carbohydrates should be reduced.

Through intelligent training and diet, you can see the results you deserve from the hours you’re putting in. Take away the guess work and use precise training plans and nutrition, specifically created for your individual needs to achieve the results you desire. When it comes to training and nutrition, be smart and see your hard work pay off.


Get fit, get healthy, get happy.

Your Coach For Life

Shaun McGill