Kids, Teenagers And Young Athletes

Exercise is not just for adults, it is for everyone including kids and teenagers.

Unfortunately more and more people are becoming obese, especially kids and teenagers which is why it is important to get children and teenagers into good habits early. PE and sports clubs are great for exercise for kids and teenagers, however, not all children enjoy sport which is why it is important to find exercise they enjoy doing at an early age as possible. Children who are obese are more than twice as likely to be obese during adulthood as non-obese children which shows creating good habits as a child is very important to help prevent obesity and poor health in adult life.

This is not the only reason for kids and teenagers to exercise though, during childhood and the teenage years is when people learn new skills, techniques and movements more effectively. If your child is good at sport and has aspirations of becoming a professional sportsperson then during childhood and being a teenager is when they need to learn movement patterns, skills and techniques correctly. If faulty movement patterns are learnt and skills and techniques are not carried out correctly then this will have a negative impact on sporting performance as they get older. Through learning correct skills, techniques and movement patterns related to their sport and learning as many correct movement patterns, skills and techniques as possible which are not sport specific massively improves sporting performance as they get older as well as improves their ability to pick up new skills, techniques and movement patterns in later life.

Whether your child or teenager is an aspiring athlete or wants to take part in regular exercise for weight maintenance purposes your child couldn’t be in better hands than here at Newcastle Personal Training.

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