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What you get:-

On Line Questionnaire

The Healthexcel online analysis cross references your physical, psychological and diet related traits with over 30 years of research to pinpoint your metabolic type. The online questionnaire is 150 questions and takes about ½ hour to fill in. If you do not have internet access other arrangements can be made at an extra cost. You will typically receive your results within 2 working days (Monday to Friday).

Metabolic Type Report

This is a personalised report describing the results of your own Metabolic Typing Assessment. This report not only describes your personal Metabolic Type, but also shows the relative balances between the various systems that determine your type of metabolism.

Personalised Metabolic Type Diet Plan

You receive a personalised 349 item food list which details exactly the right foods for your specific Metabolic Type and identifies all the foods you should avoid.

Guidelines for Using Your Diet Plan

These guidelines are to ensure that you intake the correct balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. For over 30 years, Metabolic Typing has demonstrated that it’s just as important to eat the right ratios of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for your Metabolic Type, as it is to eat the right foods for your Metabolic Type. It makes all the difference in the world in correcting low energy, mood swings, cravings, and a desire for sweets.

Individualised Metabolic Type Supplement List

You receive a list of all the nutritional supplements specifically created and combined for your unique Metabolic Type. These supplements are unlike any others as they utilise the exact forms and balances of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, herbs and enzymes shown to be supportive of your particular kind of metabolism. Our unique Metabolic Type supplements are the highest quality available, affordable, and easy-to-order. You will also receive guidelines on why you should take these supplements.

1hr Results Consultation

You are emailed all the relevant information regarding your metabolic type and you bring this information to the consultation where the advisor explains the whole concept of metabolic typing and the diet plan. Sample menus are provided. The role of supplements is discussed as is your role in turning the diet to your own individual needs.

Shopping Guidelines

Shopping guidelines are to take the guess work out of your weekly trip to the market. Learn how to properly choose fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and other healthy foods for your Metabolic Type, and how to avoid deceptively labelled and cleverly disguised poor quality foods.

Cooking Guidelines

Improper cooking methods can greatly reduce the nutritional content of your foods, and even make normally healthful foods quite unhealthy. These instructions will help insure that you do not make common food preparation mistakes nearly everyone makes that often undermine good health. Healthy food can even become dangerous if cooked wrong.

Seven 1 hr Weekly Consultations

These consultations are to ensure you adhere to the programme. In order to achieve results you need accountability, support and motivation and that’s what you get during these sessions. These sessions also give you a chance to ask in person any questions you may have and to discuss your own individual needs. Each week you will also learn more about Metabolic Typing and how to customise your diet to your individual needs. We will take a deeper look into your supplement list, what foods to specifically avoid in order to lose weight and how to enhance your Metabolic Typing programme. If need be we will also help you regulate your blood sugar levels.

Guidelines on cooking whole grains

Whole grains are always more nutritious and healthful than processed grains, but most people do not know what they are or how to prepare them. Use these simple instructions to learn how to properly select, prepare and cook whole grains, including many you probably didn’t even know existed! The world of whole grains offers fun and healthful exploration that can begin with this tutorial.

Checklist for enhancing your programme

This is a checklist for what you can do to enhance your Metabolic Typing programme to ensure you achieve the results you want. There are recommendations on everything from the air you breathe and the amount of sleep you get to stress reduction and the kinds of household products you use.

Checklist for reducing blocking factors

This is a checklist for things that can slow down your progress of your Metabolic Typing programme. There are recommendations on everything from foods you should avoid to chemicals and electro-magnetic fields you should avoid.

E-mail Support during course and continued for a further 4 weeks after (10 weeks in total)

E-mail support is so you can ask questions about your Metabolic Typing programme that you may not want to ask in person. You will also be required to fill in diet record sheets to show adherence to the program and to make sure you are obtaining the right results. All correspondence is via email.

3-6 weeks supply of digestive enzymes, fish oil and HCL specific to your metabolic type

The digestive enzymes and fish oil are the base requirements for the program and have a proven track record in maximising health and fat loss.

You will also receive HCL (hydrochloric acid) to ensure you digest and assimilate food more efficiently. Most people don’t produce enough HCL in their stomach to digest food properly which means we don’t get all the nutrients from the food. As you are now eating the correct foods for your body we want to ensure you get all the nutrients out of these foods to ensure you achieve results.

All these supplements are unique as they are specific to your Metabolic Type and are only available through a Metabolic Typing Advisor.

All this for only £449

To book please call Shaun on 07988 552 028

Follow up consultations :
½ hour £25
1 hour £40
Retest and consultation £79

Continued E-mail support after the initial 4 weeks is £14.99 per month set up by direct debit