Sports Performance Training

Effective sports performance training is more than just general strength and conditioning. It is also about moving better and more efficiently, improving biomechanics specific to the sport, improving the energy systems used in the sport and staying injury free. Equally sports specific nutrition, performance mindset and lifestyle are also essential to improving sporting performance.

To perform at your optimum level for your sport you have to take a holistic look at your body, nutrition and lifestyle and every single detail needs to be analysed meticulously and planned precisely. At the top level of sport it is the minor details which are the difference between winning and losing which is why Newcastle Personal Training leave no stone unturned to help you perform at your very best whilst staying injury free.

Every athlete is unique; therefore sports performance training with Newcastle Personal Training is entirely bespoke to each and every individual.

The sport, position, playing style, tactics and individual biomechanics are all taking into consideration before designing a sports specific exercise programme.

Every contributing factor that may affect performance is assessed such as an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, injury history, kinetic chain, posture and movement compensations as well as carrying out any relevant sports specific assessments and fitness tests. Video analysis of any specific movements and exercises related to the sport which can be improved may also be used.

This thorough assessment process allows Newcastle Personal Training to design and carry out an effective exercise programme specific to the sport and the individual athlete to make sure weaknesses are addressed and strengths are improved in order to enhance sports performance rapidly. The exercise programme will also be designed to ensure optimum performance is sustained over a long period of time through injury prevention as staying injury-free is equally as important as performing well.

Your training programme is not the only thing which is meticulously designed when working with Newcastle Personal Training. Every aspect of your life affects your performance, not just the exercise you do which is why your whole life is looked into in order to improve your sports performance including nutrition, your mindset and your lifestyle.

Whether you are a professional footballer, rugby player or cricketer, an amateur boxer or mma fighter or you play squash for fun Newcastle Personal Training have the knowledge and skills to help you massively improve your sports performance no matter what sport and what level you compete at.

If you are interested in becoming the best at your chosen sport or you simply want to improve so you enjoy taking part more then get in touch to see how Newcastle Personal Training can help you.

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£30 per session

£270 for a block of 10 sessions

Gym based personal training sessions are held at Believe 2 Achieve Personal Training Studio, North East Clinic, 52 Heaton Road, Heaton, Newcastle, NE6 1SE