Strength And Conditioning

Strength and conditioning is great if you want to get stronger, more powerful and more athletic.

Strength and conditioning differs from muscle building because rather than just focusing on adding size through building muscle, strength and conditioning programmes focuses on improving your strength and power to bodyweight ratio to improve performance. Typically this means helping clients to get stronger, more powerful and more athletic without adding extra bulk and size.

An example of this is in boxing. Boxers have to fight at specific weight categories. If boxers followed a muscle building programme they would increase in size and bodyweight and would have to move up a weight class, however, if they follow a strength and conditioning programme they will become stronger, more powerful and more athletic without adding extra size and weight to their frame meaning they will perform better through being stronger and able to produce more power at the same bodyweight.

In simple terms muscle building improves how your body looks, strength and conditioning improves how your body performs.

If you are an athlete, take part in recreational sport or just want to be stronger, more powerful and more athletic then get in touch to see how Newcastle Personal Training can help you with your strength and conditioning.

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£30 per session

£270 for a block of 10 sessions

Gym based personal training sessions are held at Believe 2 Achieve Personal Training Studio, North East Clinic, 52 Heaton Road, Heaton, Newcastle, NE6 1SE